MP3 Conspiracy Files

The Rothschilds

9/11 - The Pentagon

JFK Assassination Part 1

JFK Assassination Part 2

Occult Symbolism - Freeman - Part 1

Occult Symbolism - Freeman - Part 2

Indianapolis Gateway to Hell - Part 1

Indianapolis Gateway to Hell - Part 2

Waco/The Oklahoma City Bombing

Secret Societies/World Mysteries

Collapse of WTC Building 7

Secret Societies

The Illuminati Part 1

The Illuminati Part 2

Signs/Symbols of the Illuminati

911: In Plane Site

The Moon Landing Hoax

Doc Marquis

Eric Jon Phelps

Anthony Hilder

John Costella - The Zapruder Film


Alan Watt on the NWO Part 1

Alan Watt on the NWO Part 2

Alan Watt on the NWO Part 3

Jerome Corsi on the NWO

Bruce Gagnon on the NWO

The Occult Philosophy

Secret Societies

Directed Energy Weapons


Jim Marrs

David Chandler

Paul Zarembka

David Icke - They Live We Sleep

Aaron Russo - Rockefeller World Government

Scott Stevens - Chemtrails

Dr Dennis Cuddy - The Illuminati

Dr Kevin Barrett - 9/11 Inside Job Explained

Doug Valentine - CIA, LSD & MKULTRA

The Occult Philosophy - Michael Hoffman

The NWO and Freemasonry

Lucifer Worship

Secret Societies and Vatican II

The Occult and The Third Reich Pt 2

Sun Worship

Art Bell - Father Malachi Martin

William Fox - Intelligence Work Researcher

Chemtrails And 9/11 - Andrew Johnson